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Writer Showcase: Barbara Leary

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It's been far too long since I've showcased one of the talented writers in my Monday afternoon women's writing workshop, "Writing from the Heart." Barbara Leary's work schedule doesn't often permit her to join us, but I love it when she does! Barbara says she'll write just about anything if you give her a prompt, but she mostly sticks to creative nonfiction and children's stories. You can follow her on @CoquinaKids (Facebook and Twitter) to see works in progress.

Barbara wrote this piece last year in a workshop right before Valentine's Day. She remembers the writing prompt being "What is love?" Enjoy!

What is Love?

Love is a many splendored fizz of carbonated life,

tickling the nose and imagination, interrupting breath with longing.

Love is a conflicted id waiting inside room 10 of the Dolphin Motel,

feeding on bad decisions, chocolate strawberries, and clichés.

Love is an untamed pen,

bleeding secrets onto a page tucked into a frayed denim pocket.

Love is a leaping dance of courage and regret

performed by an adolescent with bad skin and a fondness for melodrama.

Love is a nor’easter.

It rips the tiles off the roof and fills the house with salt air.

"What is Love?" ©2018 by Barbara Leary

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