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Creativity Coaching

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 Detail from a mural in Leesburg, VA

Do you have a creative project begging for your time? 

As I wrote in a recent  blog post, a lot of creative people have a hard time giving themselves permission to pursue their art. But the desire to make art or to write or sing is a calling. And a calling doesn’t quit just because it's inconvenient. If you don’t answer, it will keep knocking! And don’t you want it to? Better still, wouldn’t you like to answer?

What is creativity coaching?

Creativity coaching is essentially life coaching for creative people. We look at the current state of your creative life, the project(s) you would like to work on, and the emotional, psychological, and practical issues that are getting in your way. These can include anything from resistance, to not having a good writing space, to learning to set boundaries with family members, to pondering the meaning of it all (answering the “why bother?” question). 


Author and creativity coach Eric Maisel says, “A creativity coach invites you to think hard, feel deeply, dream big, and be great.” As a creativity coach, I will hold a safe space to discuss whatever comes up and brainstorm strategies with you for a way forward. It will be my honor to do so. There is almost nothing I like better than encouraging people to manifest their potential!

Questions? Check out my FAQ page.

Why work with me? 

I have just completed an advanced creativity training course with Eric Maisel, who has been coaching creatives for more than 30 years and is a pioneer in the field. As you can see elsewhere on my site, I also worked for 20 years in the publishing industry as an editor, and now have been leading creative writing and journaling workshops for more than 10 years. 


But I think what qualifies me most to do this work is not what appears on my resume. Through the years I have also been a YogaRhythmics® instructor, pastoral care volunteer, singer, meditator, and spiritual seeker. In other words, an explorer! I’m a deep listener with an open mind, someone who values creative expression, and who sees the beauty and potential in each person I work with. If you’d like to know how others have experienced working with me, check out my testimonials.


Coaching Packages


Each creativity coaching package includes sessions of 50-60 minutes each, plus email support in between as needed. Frequency and timing will be mutually determined. All sessions are held via Zoom or telephone.

Multi-Session Package (4 or 6 sessions): $85 per session

Single Session: $100


Mini-session (30 min.): $50

Group Coaching (4-6 participants): $270 for six 90-minute sessions ($45 per session). 

A limited number of coaching packages can be offered on a sliding scale. Feel free to inquire.


Email to learn more or schedule a session. You can find answers to some commonly asked questions on my FAQ page.

"Lisa's guidance was both practical and philosophical, and our conversations covered everything from creating space and boundaries, suggestions for organizing my work, technical advice, resources, and more importantly reflecting on what it is that helps me access a state of flow. I came away with more clarity and motivation to pursue my soul's desire to finish something that has been on a low burn in my soul for years".– Shaileen B. (writer)

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