"I believe this class has helped me identify a way forward with some good advice and lots of resources. It's really made me take some time to reflect on this journey in ways I never would have thought of on my own. I appreciated every thought-provoking subject. Thank you so much for all that you brought to this class." – Kathi W., "By Our Own Stars: Navigating the Stepmother's Journey" participant
"Lisa is a terrific facilitator. Great prompts, kind but clear leadership, control of time, group, etc. She sets a wonderful tone of curiosity, creativity, respect, and welcome. The setting invites everyone to settle in, cozy up, write and share. Really lovely. – Laura B.
"The day could not have been sweeter! Thank you for your confident, supportive leadership, Lisa! This was the perfect first experience in my new direction of indulging myself. What a lovely group of ladies, and our hosts and location could not have been better." –"Write Away for a Day" participant, July 2016
"Thank you so much for a great retreat. With you at the helm, we feel safe to explore our expression of our deepest heartbeats and the fibers that bind us all together. The guided meditations and prompts are great. Thanks for your kindness, grace, and being a safe space to fall and linger for a few days." – C.S.
"I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this past weekend's retreat. Your professional ability to provide a beautiful, nourishing, safe, fun, and very well organized event deserves a HUGE BRAVO AND WELL DONE! My heart and Soul(Collage) thank you." –Remington R.
"Thank you for always being an encouraging force in my writing journey while I have been in your class. I have really enjoyed your class and it has brought me back to my writing roots. I am so glad to have this part of myself back. I have really enjoyed your encouragement each week. It is refreshing and exactly what I needed to get back into my writing comfort zone." –Laura S.
"I am so grateful to you for opening your home to the writing process of women. You are a kind and skillful facilitator, and I look forward to being part of another group." –Ellen S.
"You are a wonderful and talented woman and retreat leader!" –May 2014 retreat participant
"I really enjoy your openness to whatever shows up with each and every individual. You have a great gift, and I love the willingness and comfort you create in your spaces! You have a great way of honoring truths." –May 2014 retreat participant
"Thank you so much for the wonderful day you created, which made it possible to be with other people who are also opening, searching, and looking at the world from within and without." –B.S.
"Thank you for a beautiful day of inspiration." –Kathy D.
"Thank you for this wonderfully creative workshop. What a wonderful way to grow and learn more about myself. I especially appreciate how my right creative brain learned to let go of my non-serving judgmental thoughts and be present through movement, writing, chanting, stretching, dancing, and more affirmative writing!" –Sam L.
“You did a wonderful job and seemed so comfortable and capable as a facilitator. You have a quiet grace about you that makes folks feel relaxed and welcomed. I’m so happy I was able to join you.”  –Mary Q.
“It was fun for me to immerse myself in a weekend of writing with other women who love the craft as much
as I do. Lisa’s workshop was filled with a variety of good prompts that stretched my imagination and took my writing into new directions. The feedback I received from the group was insightful and encouraging. I loved hearing what the other women wrote and was inspired by the creative energy all around me. Lisa is an excellent facilitator who moves the group seamlessly to new depths of understanding about the art and craft of writing.”  –Sue M.
Lisa has a unique combination of talents. She creates a safe space for creative writing, organizes logistics impeccably, and allows us to have some laughs. Don’t miss her YogaRhythmics class – it is the perfect way to decompress after a day of writing.”  –Brenda B.
“I really enjoyed this seminar. For one thing, writing is by definition a lonely enterprise. It involves shutting oneself away from other people, from the telephone, from parties, television, and the company of others, to fall into the kind of trance that produces visible results. In the “Time to Write” seminar, the solitary writer meets other writers – a delight in itself! For another thing, Lisa is the perfect facilitator – knowledgeable, charming, unfailingly diplomatic, she was able to make us forget our shyness, our fear of public speaking, our fear of possible criticism. The Amherst method works! I recommend this seminar to anyone who wishes to unleash his or her creativity.”  –Diana R.

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