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Creativity Coaching

"Lisa's group coaching sessions were incredibly valuable! She has a gift for finding the common threads emerging in any group, enabling deeper exploration through inspirational readings, targeted writing exercises, and facilitated sharing. At the same time, she meets each of her clients where they are, offering tailored tips, suggestions, affirmation, and support for our unique talents, projects, challenges, and processes. I highly recommend Lisa's offerings for anyone on the writer's path." - Marlis M., poet/artist
"I am always grateful for any time I spend with Lisa. She is thoughtful, funny, realistic, and kind. I was pleasantly surprised to see how she was able to help me wind my quilting art together with my writing. Her encouragement to “show your work AND tell about it” has created a way for me to build excitement about my textile art, using storytelling and writing to define my product and myself. Lisa also created space for my chronic illness, helping me accept and plan for its role in my process. She also helped me see how my personal life of family and home and volunteer commitments needed to be given space along with the creative work. As a result, I learned to acknowledge, plan, and accept my time better. Lisa is also full of resources that encourage me to look at my craft in new ways. And her response to my work, be it writing or quilting, is always honest and joyful. I highly recommend working with her." - Pamela S. (quilter/writer)
"I’d like to thank Lisa for being the tow truck that pulled me out of my creative rut! I had been stuck there for months. Talking through my stumbling blocks with someone who was objective and supportive helped me set and meet my songwriting goals. I also learned the importance of growing my creative community, and with Lisa’s support, I managed to meet other songwriters and take advantage of exciting opportunities, such as an upcoming songwriting retreat. I wrote two songs while working with Lisa, and I just finished recording the second one. If you need to rekindle your creative spark, I highly recommend working with Lisa!"   –  Marion S. (songwriter)
"I participated in four creativity coaching sessions with Lisa and enjoyed every minute. She has a warmth and ease that leads to satisfying, fluid conversations, and she is an attentive listener who presents as knowledgeable, accepting, and encouraging. Her guidance was both practical and philosophical, and our conversations covered everything from creating space and boundaries, suggestions for organizing my work, technical advice, resources, and more importantly reflecting on what it is that helps me access a state of flow. I came away with more clarity and motivation to pursue my soul's desire to finish something that has been on a low burn in my soul for years. I will return!" – Shaileen B. (writer)
"Lisa is a natural as a creativity coach. I’ve been struggling with my creative process and every single session Lisa helped me find appreciation for where I was in my process and a next step that felt achievable and sustainable. I’ve been able to maintain my momentum and even make progress toward my goals with Lisa’s support!" – Lorelei C. (writer/entrepreneur)
"Thank you for all you have given me to reflect on. Your approach has an 'essentialism' to it–by that I mean it feels to me that you get to the core of things, past all the other 'noise.' I so appreciate that quality in you." – Joanne G. (writer)

Amherst Writers & Artists Workshops

"Your class has been more than fun.  It’s been an outlet and stress reliever that has allowed me to enjoy some private space and reflection as well as the encouragement of you and the other wonderful women I’ve met in your classes.  As Kurt Vonnegut said, 'To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow.'  You’ve facilitated my soul growth - thank you!" – Lynn H.
"Lisa is a terrific facilitator. Great prompts, kind but clear leadership, control of time, group, etc. She sets a wonderful tone of curiosity, creativity, respect, and welcome. The setting invites everyone to settle in, cozy up, write and share. Really lovely." – Laura B.
"I’ve enjoyed your workshops so much!  These have been my first experiences writing to a prompt within a limited amount of time.  I thought I might freeze up, but everyone was so gentle and encouraging that it created a very safe space to relax and let go.  Thank you for being such a gifted instructor and facilitator."  – Lynn H.
"I always feel greatly enriched when I leave. I've loved meeting new people and experiencing some beautiful writing. I love the variety of prompts we use that always stimulate me in different ways." – Barb G.
"I can't tell you how much it means to me to know you, and to be part of your group. You've created such a special experience, such a unique space in which we can connect with each other, and with the voice within ourselves which we might otherwise neglect. Powerful stuff!!"– Joan D.
"You are a kind, thought-provoking facilitator. You make the environment safe." –Lynn L.
"You are an excellent facilitator with a natural way of bringing everyone into the conversation, without judgment. Your feedback on writing is always insightful. I appreciated learning more about creative nonfiction and being in this class of serious writers." – Sue M.
"Your kind support and encouragement have provided me with a level of confidence toward achieving the goal of putting on paper a memoir of my life. I look forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead to continue to write with you." – Barbara F.
"Thank you for always being an encouraging force in my writing journey while I have been in your class. I have really enjoyed your class and it has brought me back to my writing roots. I am so glad to have this part of myself back. I have really enjoyed your encouragement each week. It is refreshing and exactly what I needed to get back into my writing comfort zone." –Laura S.
"I wanted to let you know how much your writing class has helped me. I know it sounds dramatic, but it really did change my life. On the first day, I was shaking and blushing and wondering what the heck I was doing in that classroom. A lot has changed since then. If you had graded us on our confidence in our writing, I think I would have won Most Improved. I’ve had so much fun writing in the past couple of months and none of that would have happened if it weren’t for your class."  –Elena B.
"I am so grateful to you for opening your home to the writing process of women. You are a kind and skillful facilitator, and I look forward to being part of another group." –Ellen S.
"Thank you so much for the wonderful day you created, which made it possible to be with other people who are also opening, searching, and looking at the world from within and without." –B.S.
"Thank you for a beautiful day of inspiration." –Kathy D.
Journaling Classes
"Wonderful! I liked the pace of the class, the opportunity to share or not, the discussions. All done in a group that felt very safe. Thank you for your leadership!" –Sue M.
"I love Lisa, with all of her compassion for others and gentle ways of keeping us grounded in our own process. Her wisdom and humor embrace me!" –Karen G.
"The guided meditations before writing were terrific and usually produced deeper writing. Lisa, your manner with the class was positive and encouraging. Your directions are very clear. The atmosphere in the class was supportive. You were very thoughtful to provide for our comfort with breaks and delicious muffins and chocolate." –Peggy F.
"Lisa is consistently beautifully prepared and spoken. A hostess as well as a teacher. We are so taken care of." –Mary W.
"Lisa is the perfect teacher. Nothing upsets her. She conveys calmness, serenity, control. She is gentle and comes across as a kind, empathetic person. Important qualities to have as a teacher."–Sue M.
"Lisa's respectful, gentle guidance is effective." –Carrie.H.
"Lisa, you are a great facilitator. You kept us on track but gave everyone a chance to share who wanted to. You allowed women to pass if they wanted to and respected everything and everyone who shared." –S.
"Lisa does an excellent job of getting us to connect with the creative part of our mind to explore it. She offers and shares parts of her experiences, which makes us feel comfortable to share our own personal "stuff." –Erin P.
"I believe this class has helped me identify a way forward with some good advice and lots of resources. It's really made me take some time to reflect on this journey in ways I never would have thought of on my own. I appreciated every thought-provoking subject. Thank you so much for all that you brought to this class." – Kathi W., "By Our Own Stars: Navigating the Stepmother's Journey" participant
"I attended Lisa’s “Home for the Holidays” retreat and walked away with incredible insight about emotions swirling around the pandemic holidays, as well as ideas for how to open up to the gifts of the present moment. Even through Zoom, Lisa is a master at creating a sacred container for exploring our feelings and thoughts through writing. This workshop is a delicious opportunity to connect, reflect, and share the holiday spirit in a new and different way." —Rebecca W.
"It’s not often that a program on Zoom can take you to a deep, reflective place, but Lisa ably created a safe space for me to pour my heart out on the pages of my journal. Yes, this holiday will be different. I came to the workshop feeling anxious and left with a sense of peace and calm." –Sue M.
"I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this past weekend's retreat. Your professional ability to provide a beautiful, nourishing, safe, fun, and very well organized event deserves a HUGE BRAVO AND WELL DONE! My heart and Soul(Collage) thank you." –Remington R.
"This retreat has brought me back to where I want to be. My writing project was derailed, but now I'm back on track. All of Lisa's seminars and workshops are good, but this is the most perfect weekend I have ever spent. The little touch of fresh flowers in the bedroom was very thoughtful, too." –Diana R.
"Thank you so much for your guidance and teaching this weekend. Whenever you are present it feels like I am getting a present. I love to watch how you give each reader your full attention. You turn your whole body towards them, and then you focus with your eyes and ears, listening with heart and mind. It’s really powerful for the reader. I feel blessed." –Pamela S.
"I love what you bring to a retreat. You have a talent for creating a safe space that honors everyone's experience. Thank you!!" –Sue M.
"I really like your style of leadershipclear expectations, respect for time, and easygoing, nonjudgmental facilitation." –Barbara O.
"I really appreciated the encouragement to write my book. I felt given to." –Penelope Y.
"Thank you for this wonderfully creative workshop. What a wonderful way to grow and learn more about myself. I especially appreciate how my right creative brain learned to let go of my non-serving judgmental thoughts and be present through movement, writing, chanting, stretching, dancing, and more affirmative writing!" –Sam L.
"The day could not have been sweeter! Thank you for your confident, supportive leadership, Lisa! This was the perfect first experience in my new direction of indulging myself. What a lovely group of ladies, and our hosts and location could not have been better." –"Write Away for a Day" participant, July 2016
"Thank you so much for a great retreat. With you at the helm, we feel safe to explore our expression of our deepest heartbeats and the fibers that bind us all together. The guided meditations and prompts are great. Thanks for your kindness, grace, and being a safe space to fall and linger for a few days." – C.S.
"You are a wonderful and talented woman and retreat leader!" –May 2014 retreat participant
"I really enjoy your openness to whatever shows up with each and every individual. You have a great gift, and I love the willingness and comfort you create in your spaces! You have a great way of honoring truths." –May 2014 retreat participant
“You did a wonderful job and seemed so comfortable and capable as a facilitator. You have a quiet grace about you that makes folks feel relaxed and welcomed. I’m so happy I was able to join you.”  –Mary Q.
Lisa has a unique combination of talents. She creates a safe space for creative writing, organizes logistics impeccably, and allows us to have some laughs. Don’t miss her YogaRhythmics class – it is the perfect way to decompress after a day of writing.”  –Brenda B.
“I really enjoyed this seminar. For one thing, writing is by definition a lonely enterprise. It involves shutting oneself away from other people, from the telephone, from parties, television, and the company of others, to fall into the kind of trance that produces visible results. In the “Time to Write” seminar, the solitary writer meets other writers – a delight in itself! For another thing, Lisa is the perfect facilitator – knowledgeable, charming, unfailingly diplomatic, she was able to make us forget our shyness, our fear of public speaking, our fear of possible criticism. The Amherst method works! I recommend this seminar to anyone who wishes to unleash his or her creativity.”  –Diana R.
"It was fun for me to immerse myself in a weekend of writing with other women who love the craft as much as I do. Lisa’s workshop was filled with a variety of good prompts that stretched my imagination and took my writing into new directions. The feedback I received from the group was insightful and encouraging. I loved hearing what the other women wrote and was inspired by the creative energy all around me. Lisa is an excellent facilitator who moves the group seamlessly to new depths of understanding about the art and craft of writing.”  –Sue M.
"Thank you for facilitating an extraordinarily fulfilling workshop. I laughed. I cried. I shared myself with strangers, who are no longer strangers, and I look forward to seeing them again. Thank you for providing a safe place where I had so much fun, which was my intention for the day. I suspect that having fun just scratches the surface of what took place within me on Saturday." – Maxine C.
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