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A Few Words on My Favorite Topic (Books)

Like most writers, I am a bibliophile. I don’t say this lightly: every room in my house, including bathrooms, has books piled and waiting. I even wrote an article about my “book habit” years ago for the Washington Post!

I am currently visiting family in Maine (fortuitous timing, as Winter Storm Jonas bears down on my home turf), and yesterday I decided to go to the local Barnes & Noble to pick up Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book on creativity, Big Magic. And because my husband wasn’t with me as a moderating influence, I also picked up two other writing books that sang their siren song to me: Still Writing by Dani Shapiro and Wild Women,Wild Voices by Judy Reeves. I don’t actually need any more writing books, but . . . why not?

I haven’t yet read enough of these books to officially recommend them, but I do have four books to recommend if you are looking for good writing prompts:

If you’re looking for immediate gratification, the Poets & Writers website always has new prompts available, which you can also opt to receive by email. Why not take advantage of the snow day(s) to pick one and write? It beats shoveling!

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