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Writer Showcase: Marion Sheaffer

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I met Marion in my “Jump Start Your Writing” workshop, which I led through the adult education program at Loudoun County Public Schools. A wonderful cohesive group developed over the few years that I led the workshop, and it was fun to see how everyone’s writing grew along with the camaraderie. Marion even had a short piece accepted by The Sun magazine during that time, which is no small feat! By day, she is a middle school English teacher. In the evenings, she hides away in her room and sings at the top of her lungs while clumsily strumming the guitar. She reports that her family loves her anyway.

Marion wrote the first poem below in response to a paint chip from Home Depot; the color was “Sugared Pansy Pink.” The second poem was written in response to this prompt from Barbara Abercrombie’s Kicking In the Wall:

Write about a pair of glasses, prescription or sunglasses, that you own or once owned. Write about loving your glasses or hating them, how you feel or felt when wearing them.

When I gave this prompt I also read the accompanying quote from David Sedaris:

In 1976 my glasses were so big I could clean the lenses with a squeegee. Not only were they huge, they were also green with Playboy emblems embossed on the stems. Today these frames sound ridiculous, but back then they were actually quite stylish. Time is cruel to everything but seems to have singled out eyeglasses for special punishment.

Here are Marion’s poems. Enjoy!


Sugared Pansy Pink

The color of an eraser

On a Dixon Ticonderoga

Pencil, #2

To be





Suggesting an easy fix

The ability to wipe out mistakes

And start over again

And again

No commitment

No risk

Like dating

Not marrying

Like renting

Not buying



And resilience

To this reticent


Reading Glasses

I reach for mine

And you grab yours

Little reading glasses

Help us see the newspaper

As we drink our morning coffee

In contented silence

I push mine down

The bridge of my nose

To look at you

The very moment

You peer over yours

To look at me

A smile flickers

Across your face

Before you return

To the news of the day

No need to say


Reading glasses

Like hour glasses

Mark the passage of time

We are growing old


"Erassurance" and "Reading Glasses" © 2015 by Marion Sheaffer

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