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Welcome, Writers!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Writing is a sacred calling. As you read my blog, know that I understand there is something within you that will not let you rest until you write. Call it what you will—Soul, Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Divine Mind, the Muse, God, Goddess—it will have its way with you. Once you have been called, it is only a matter of time until you answer. Put it off for months, years—decades even—and the call will remain, as surely as the sun rises each new morning.

As you grapple with this call—as every writer does—I offer you my companionship on the journey. In this blog I will share tips, resources, and encouragement for the rocky places on the path. But more importantly, I will share with you my own process as a writer: musings, strategies, obstacles, joys. It’s always good to know that what we struggle with is not unique to us. Writing is so very personal that we can forget that the process of laboring to create is something we share.

I will also showcase the work of writers just like you, who responded to a writing prompt and wrote something beautiful in 10 or 15 or 20 minutes. You can do that, too. Such a big part of writing is believing we can, and your fellow writers will prove my point. Perhaps a piece of yours will be featured here one day! It would be my honor.

We don’t always have to write for publication—sometimes the journey is enough. Sometimes we write for our own satisfaction, or to leave behind a record for our children and grandchildren. Or sometimes we write because we want to get our ideas out in to the world. Whatever your reasons, welcome to this community of writers, seekers, and dreamers.

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