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Welcome, Writers!

Enter the world of imagination through the doorway of well-chosen prompts. Come into a circle of people who share your passion for the written word. Speak your truth, hone your craft, ignite your mind. Isn't this the life you were meant to live?

Anthology Arrives in July!

In September 2023 I invited everyone who had ever participated in a Market Street Writers workshop to submit work for our first-ever anthology. Forty-three women writers took me up on it, and this collection is dynamite! Here's what an early reviewer had to say:

What a wondrous collection of writing! These stories and poems will rock you, shake you, take you to other worlds, lift you out of your own. These voices know they have something important to say, and they say it with clarity, lyricism, and definitive imagery. This collection will assure you that being human is glorious, weird, terrifying, and the best thing you ever did. I could not put it down. 

Maureen Buchanan Jones, author of Maud & Addie and— 

blessed are the menial chores

Unfolding will be available in July 2024. Stay tuned!

Unfolding Announcement.png


Meet Lisa Colburn

Writer. Creativity Coach. Writing Workshop Leader. Bibliophile.


I love stories, don't you? In 2012, after a 20-year career in publishing, I founded Market Street Writers just so I could have more of them! I love creating sacred, safe spaces for writers to discover, play, connect, and deepen their craft in all genres. My workshops are online and in Leesburg, Virginia. The joy of writing is for everyone who seeks it. Come explore with me! 

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Marlis M.

"Lisa has a gift for finding the common threads emerging in any group, enabling deeper exploration through inspirational readings, targeted writing exercises, and facilitated sharing. At the same time, she meets each of her clients where they are, offering tailored tips, suggestions, affirmation, and support for our unique talents, projects, challenges, and processes. I highly recommend Lisa's offerings for anyone on the writer's path." 

Lynn H.

"Your class has been more than fun.  It’s been an outlet and stress reliever that has allowed me to enjoy some private space and reflection as well as the encouragement of you and the other wonderful women I’ve met in your classes. As Kurt Vonnegut said, 'To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow.'  You’ve facilitated my soul growth - thank you!" 

Sue M.

"Lisa’s workshop was filled with a variety of good prompts that stretched my imagination and took my writing into new directions. The feedback I received from the group was insightful and encouraging. I loved hearing what the other women wrote and was inspired by the creative energy all around me. Lisa is an excellent facilitator who moves the group seamlessly to new depths of understanding about the art and craft of writing.” 

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